Preferisco Speck – Smoked Dry Cured Ham

Preferisco Speck Alto Adige P.G.I. is a true specialty delicacy resulting from its unique production method in the micro-climate of the sunny heart of the Italian Alps. Preferisco Speck Alto Adige P.G.I. is a dry-cured, lightly smoked ham, seasoned with a blend of natural herbs, salted and then aged for at least 22 weeks.

Only the highest quality selected fresh pork is used and the cold smoke is issued form natural beech wood. Based on a traditional family recipe, Preferisco Speck Alto Adige P.G.I. distinguishes itself by its remarkable mild taste, very low salt and fat content, and long aging times. The flavor is more delicate than that of the strongly smoked European hams and more distinctive than that of the salted-only Italian Prosciutto.

Preferisco reflects the height of unique taste and tenderness among Europe’s finest hams. This precious union of production method, meat quality and location is safeguarded and guaranteed by the Italian Consortium of Speck Alto Adige and the European Union, which awarded Preferisco Speck P.G.I. status (Protected Geographical Indication).

Always be sure to ask for Preferisco Speck or Speck Alto Adige and not only “Italian Speck” or simply “Speck.”