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Italian Arborio and Carnaroli superfino rice are staples of Italian and Mediterranean cooking, famous for their usage in the dish risotto. Only Arborio and Carnaroli rice have the high starch content which gives it the characteristic creaminess required for risotto. Carnaroli is a slightly shorter grain of rice, and slightly firmer than Arborio – often preferred by chefs for its firmness and creaminess. Risotto is made with a variety of recipes and additional ingredients including porcini mushrooms, meats, peas, saffron, and sundried tomato. Bosa Foods supplies various brands of Arborio and Carnaroli rice for your convenience.

Now available at Bosa Foods are a line of ready-to-cook Arancini balls (traditional Italian risotto balls). Made with the finest Italian ingredients and with a traditional family recipe, these arancini are perfect for appetizers and entertaining.

Also now at Bosa Foods are two new varietals of rice: Red Ermes Rice and Sushi Rice – for those special occasions. Red Ermes Rice is an interesting whole-grain cross-breed of black venere rice with a long grain Indica rice. The result is a flavorful and aromatic rice with a long, narrow grain, somewhat resembling North American rice in appearance. The appearance of Ermes Red Rice is characterized by a striking rusty red colour. Not only is Red Ermes rice tasty, it’s high in antioxidants, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus and is an excellent source of fibre – perfect for salads or side dishes. Sushi Rice is a special rice produced for making authentic Asian dishes, like Sushi and Maki. Follow the instructions on the box, and in five minutes you will have gourmet-quality sushi rice!

Coming soon are a line of Preferisco brand ready-made risotto products. In eight flavours, and in a convenient format (five minutes of cooking time per package), these are an easy, convenient meals ready in minutes. Buon Appetito!